Pelicam works with Technology to resolve major delivery

issues and achieve stakeholder expectations

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Barclaycard’s £17m technical refresh contained over 100 projects lacking clear definition and was too important to fail.

Pelicam ensured structured business governance and programme controls were implemented effectively, budget was available and stakeholder expectations were managed realistically.


“Pelicam structured a complex technology programme to deliver successfully, ensuring effective governance and stakeholder alignment. Barclaycard staff were supported and coached, building confidence and raising our project delivery capability.”

-Paul Wroten, Lead Technology Partner


The Problem

Barclaycard’s £17m technical refresh programme impacted all parts of the customer facing operation, and with over 8.4 million customers in the UK, this was business critical. The programme contained over 100 projects with many lacking clear definition.

The Solution

Pelicam restructured the programme governance process to ensure accountability in all areas.  Working collaboratively, practitioners listened to the concerns of project teams, understood the complexities and challenges and, wherever possible, resolved them. They coached key individuals as well as achieving the standard programme goals. This established strong business and technology engagement, ensured the technology team understood what was needed of them, gained trust and established strong business governance.

The Result

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Five major changes were made to the front line call centre systems across four global locations

Postal, bulk and online printing capability was migrated to a 3rd party provider

Email handling was migrated to a new service provider using off the shelf infrastructure

New call centre capacity was made available in-line with business requirements

A new office was established in North America

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems were changed to support Barclaycard’s revised brand and call flows

The programme was consolidated into 12 manageable discrete projects aligned to business objectives and strategy.