Change Delivery

Supporting and shaping delivery of change

Change management

Our health checks and project audits always deliver an attainable plan, yet implementing those changes and fixing any shortfalls is critical to success. With our experienced practitioners on-board, you can significantly reduce the risk of project failure, avoiding potential delays, business disruption, and cost over-runs.

Having performed an assurance review, we gain exceptional visibility and insight as well as establishing strong relationships with the key players.  Therefore, we are best placed to continue assurance through project delivery. 

A change delivery doesn't always require large increases in spending; it requires a small injection of “project intelligent” change management experts, with a proven approach to deliver success. 

Pelicam supports client teams in shaping and embedding change.  An empathetic, proactive change management is essential. With a strong focus on communication and messaging, we:

  • Build awareness and understanding of the challenges ahead
  • Flame desire for change and relevant ownership
  • Explore the mechanisms to deliver change
  • Recognise cultural and behavioural needs
  • Agree and prioritise the actions to build confidence
  • Ensure effective governance is in place across all stakeholders
  • Objectively measure advancement and progress to closure
  • Focus on the outcomes

“We worked with Pelicam because they are not a ‘run of the mill’ project management consultancy. They employ more experienced and well respected Practitioners who are able to see the danger signs with projects well in advance.”
— Arthur Amos, Nationwide

Our aim is to achieve immediate benefits whilst recognising the need for sustainable, repeatable change. Building project intelligence across teams, with continual retrospectives to embed lessons learnt, we ensure successful transition to new ways of working.


"Pelicam Practitioners led, shaped and managed the implementation of a full customer management suite of applications, a future generation real-time stores trading platform, across all Vodafone UK retail shops."


"Pelicam Practitioners led the successful launch of €70m core systems transformation programme (billing, customer management, data warehouse, intelligent network and SOA integration) including the migration of 2m+ customer records and circa 50m call records."


"Pelicam established and led 450 man Project Management Practice to deliver £1bn transformation agenda."