Our aim is to achieve immediate benefits whilst recognising the need for sustainable change.

As part of any engagement with us, we will work with your team members and quietly identify any opportunities to improve your methods and capabilities.  Day to day discussions and sharing of our 360 Kitbag will ensure capabilities grow and successful transition to new ways of working.


Some times it's more efficient to pull groups together and do active learning/coaching workshops. 

Our workshops focus on the “when, how, why and what” it takes to assure a project’s success.

These sessions are collaborative, pragmatic and provocative, facilitated by an experienced Pelicam practitioner with a hands-on approach.

Our range of coaching workshops include:

·        Sponsorship 

·        Project Intelligence

·        Business Change

·        Project Start-up


“Pelicam provided real insight and intelligence in the review and worked with us to build an achievable improvement plan.”

- Sean Beard - Head of Testing Services - Prudential