The experts from Pelicam will work with you to identify any shortfalls in your methods or procedures, cultural challenges and issues in the organisation. We can then suggest opportunities for improvement.



To get the most out of any organisation you need to harness the talents of its individuals. Pelicam can enhance your delivery methods by improving and fine-tuning the cohesion of your staff and their functions. We ensure that the effort and workload is equal to the size and importance of the project.



Prepare your organisation for the future with Pelicam’s coaching workshops. We assist project managers to understand their current level of maturity, while identifying barriers and skills gaps preventing optimum performance.


Our range of coaching workshops include:

·        Sponsor Briefings

·        Project Intelligence

·        Business Change

·        Project Start-up


Our workshops focus on the “when, how, why and what” it takes to assure a project’s success. These sessions are collaborative, pragmatic and provocative, facilitated by an experienced Pelicam practitioner with a hands-on approach.


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