Education and Capability

Setting you up for the future with Pelicam's active-learning workshops

In the UK, over two thirds of projects and programmes fail to deliver to time, cost and quality and don’t achieve their business case.* The complexity of “programme vs. project” is not always appreciated and the path to success is fraught with danger. *(Standish Group)

External, independent assurance remains a defining critical success factor and relies on a combination of skill, instinct and experience. Our active-learning workshops focus on the “when, how, why and what” it takes to assure a project or programme. These sessions are collaborative, pragmatic and provocative, facilitated by an experienced Pelicam practitioner with a hands-on approach.

The Objective: See through the “programme noise” and identify the essential ingredients and critical actions for setting up a programme and sponsoring it to success.

“The half day workshop provided by Pelicam gave a very thorough and thought provoking insight into the key challenges that are faced when managing large programmes and projects in complex organisations. The attendees were provided with innovative and practical approaches on how to engage stakeholders, address common roadblocks and evaluate success factors.”
— Stuart Fallowfield, Managing Director, Audit North

“Pelicam understood enough about the technology to ask the right questions, provided help and guidance to the project team, and challenged thinking within the group.”
“The facilitator inspired us to go back and redefine our projects; he acted as the voice of reason. He invigorated the delegates and motivated us to think long and hard about how to run a project well.”
— John Walsh, Project Manager, British Gas Residential
“You cannot underestimate the value of having an experienced practitioner carry out the training. He was able to relate to the issues facing project managers and really help them to find ways of improving their performance in challenging situations.”
— Martyn Dudley, Portfolio Manager, Nationwide

Pelicam workshops work effectively alongside PRINCE2, MSP, APM, PMP and CMMI qualifications.