We are proud to be the UK's leading Assured Delivery specialist, working with the most experienced and energetic people to deliver successful business change



Look for a better way and challenge accepted thinking

Much more than a business consultancy, our approach means we support and build lasting relationships with our clients. 

Everyone at Pelicam is proud to offer independent, objective assurance, giving our clients the best possible advice without politics or spin.

Unlike perhaps some larger consultancies, with Pelicam there is no conflict of interest.

We are not aiming to deliver the project for you, our desire is to enable you to deliver the project.


Pelicam Practitioners: 

  • 20 senior managers and ex-Tier 1 consultants with the ‘change know how’ and 150 experienced associates
  • We all have 15+ years experience in business and technology change programmes
  • Experts in seeing through the noise and focusing on what really needs to get done
  • Independent, collaborative, supportive, pragmatic, objective
  • Always working client-side and passionate about making a difference


“We worked with Pelicam because they are not a ‘run of the mill’ project management consultancy. They employ more experienced and well respected practitioners who are able to see the danger signs with projects well in advance.”

— Arthur Amos - Nationwide