Realising Project Intelligence courses have sustained benefits.


Project Intelligence is the basis for all Pelicam rescue and assurance assignments. We teach our clients’ project teams what it is we do when we rescue projects and assure project integrity; we call this Realising Project Intelligence (RPI).  We recently contacted our clients several years on from attending the course and confirmed there are some really long term benefits from attending the course.  As a consequence of this we are running further courses with our clients throughout the coming months.  Several have booked the courses for their teams, but we are now also running an ‘Open RPI’ course where up to two people from each organisation can attend.

Facilitated by Project Experts

The two day course is best suited to the more experienced project manager, who finds that despite knowing the correct processes and procedures, projects still continue to be challenging. Facilitated by a project assurance expert, there is real integrity in the course for attendees.  When we trained over 80 project people at Centrica and Nationwide Building Society the feedback from the teams was incredible.

“Brings together years of “undocumented” experience - warts and all”
“The most insightful, thought provoking and valuable course I have been on”

“The facilitator inspired us to go back and redefine our projects; he acted as the voice of reason.  He invigorated the delegates adn motivated us to think long and hard about how to run a project well.”

Immediate improvement

Following the course, the attendees are tasked to identify areas within their current role and projects what needs to be improved and to apply the learning from the course.  The Pelicam one-to-one follow up which is carried out directly after this showed there was a marked improvement in personal effectiveness and as a consequence the performance of the projects.

“I have seen a marked improvement in sponsorship and business engagement”

“I have transformed the role of the PMO from …I now proactively monitor and control the project”  

“Our business critical customer billing and SAP upgrade project is now on-track  for the first time” 

Sustained benefits

We know that individuals often feel motivated and ready to put change into action following a training course, but how long will it last?  We were very excited to hear that the RPI course has had a long lasting effect on the individual’s behaviour and performance.

“I now approach risk proactively (not reactively) and build it into the project and I challenge work streams constructively ensuring we are better able to focus attention, manage costs and deliver tangible benefits.”

“I identified benefits realisation as another area of focus - accurate identification of measurable, meaningful benefits gains my project sponsors commitment. I now push the project owners to identify strong benefits that have a real impact in reducing costs for the business.”