Notes from our September 2019 Intelligent Projects Forum


Oh No, Not Another GDPR Briefing

Together with our friends at Create and Comply, we venture a little warily into the GDPR den


REF! My Shareholders Are Offside

As in football, once a colleague is in an offside position, it is difficult to score a goal. Likewise, poor stakeholder engagement is one of the most common reasons why projects fail. When things don’t get done, a project can quickly stop playing ball. Stakeholder engagement is all about keeping everyone onside, with effective communication, clear actions, monitoring and regular reviews


It’s The Uncertainty That Kills You

Are uncertain quality targets holding your projects back? Over the years Pelicam has reviewed hundreds of projects and seen some real horror stories turned into successes. We categorised the root causes of project failure a while back and published them as “Nine Serial Project Killer”. This paper considers the catastrophic impacts of Serial Killer #4: Uncertain Quality Targets seen recently, and outlines key actions to resolve them


The Heat Is On For “Big Six”

Looking at three of the most significant challenges facing the utilities industry along with some intelligent interventions


Smarter Ways of Working

Should we source our project management experts through permanent resourcing or from the contract market? This isn’t a question about permanent supply balancing to meet demand spikes; it’s a smarter question (from a smart client): how will talented projects people want to work in the future and how can we compete to attract them


Programme Assurance – The Six Key Success

Many organisations are facing a challenge from the top to ensure more success from their change programmes – it’s hardly surprising when less than half of those started complete on time. The most important consideration is their ability to deliver on the six key success factors in this article