Assuring success in a downturn


In a downturn, budgets and resources get cut - it’s just the problems that remain!  Your internal PMs are doing their best but with limited resources.  So how can you be confident they will deliver?  And without that extra-budget, how do you ensure (I mean, really ensure) your project is on-track to deliver?  And how much will that confidence cost you?  And without hiring a contract PM or giving a blank cheque to a consultancy!  Let’s take a look...

The cost of a contract PM is too great, would take too long, and wouldn’t be approved anyway...

The cost of a consultancy is only ever justified by finance after the project has gone wrong - you simply don’t have a blank cheque! Do you?

External project assurance (niche) consultancies always want a bigger fixed price contract than you can afford

Moreover internal project assurance is usually “marking its own homework” and provides no genuine or independent assurance.

We can help you with our version of project rescue but before it goes pear-shaped, that identifies as rapidly as possible the critical success factors in a project, proposes remedies and could even implement them...but you can take as little or as much of that work as you like/need/can afford. 

If it helps you, we can work to a fixed price.  We’re here to help clients not fleece them.

And the moment clients feel that their own staff can add the value themselves, we’ll leave them to it...and not try to hard-sell a <collective noun (of your choice) required> of junior consultants.

If you think we could help, or you’d simply like to talk through your options just click on the link here or call Peter (Mayer) on  07974084333 and we’ll get back to you.

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