Pelicam on assignment – Lisa Lindon

Back in March 2007 Pelicam were asked to provide a series of six programme Health Checks for a client’s Strategic Billing Programme.  Such was the success of those Health Checks that in summer 2008 Pelicam were invited to carry out the same service for the client’s 3G programme.

Both the CCO and COO had concerns that the 3G programme lacked clear accountabilities, and that the overall scope and delivery structure were not effectively joined up.  Our Health Check provided the facts to support these concerns and identified a further series of challenges that had left the client exposed.  By combining the best practices of Pelicam’s programme Health Check with my own experience in managing 3G deliveries, I was able to provide real insight and gain client confidence that Pelicam was the right partner to help correct matters.

For the last 60 days I have been asked, by the CCO, to implement some of the tactical recommendations from the Health Check and provide strategic input to fully mobilise the programme from a commercial perspective: this involves using all of the programme management skills that are a pre-requisite for all Pelicam practitioners.  In addition I have been giving subject matter expertise in the area of business transformation planning and 3G strategy. 

Since the end of August I have successfully provided programme assurance over the client’s first key commercial milestone - to switch on their network to their 3G customers.  In addition I have designed and implemented (for, and with, the client) a new governance model, a set of programme controls and most importantly, provided the framework and thought leadership for the commercial organisation to better define their 3G vision; as well as identifying and tracking their critical success factors.  As a result the client now, after 12 months of trying, has a communicable view of what commercial success looks like.  It is regarded as a significant breakthrough, as it not only allows the client to engage their organisation in the message that this is about re-shaping the future, but has also provided a framework to fully mobilise the necessary business wide programme, networks to pricing, products to channel strategy, and customers experience to PR.  It’s a monster!

You will realise by now that the programme is complex and the culture of the organisation is unusual. However, that makes seeing the results all the more rewarding - to know that we can still achieve traction, move the client forward; even with all of the challenges that the environment presents.  And that’s what makes this an interesting assignment.  It is an opportunity to demonstrate Pelicam’s best practice programme assurance and intelligence, coupled with the chance to provide real thought leadership, energy, passion and drive.

The best feedback I’ve had so far has come directly from the CCO whom I have now heard a number of times saying “Pelicam are fantastic!  They’ve come in and put this programme on steroids!”   (You have to forgive him, he’s an Aussie - but his sentiment is clear).  If you want quality people to do great things and make it happen then Pelicam remains the best consultancy to engage.


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