Raising programme and project competency in your organisation

At Pelicam we have always advised you of the benefits of understanding the core components for project success – we call it Project Intelligence™ - and we developed a two day active learning workshop called ‘Realising Project Intelligence’ which has proven to be a valuable benchmark, energiser and enabler for project and programme managers alike.

We now see an opportunity to address four key areas with more specifically designed, but customisable workshops (note we don’t use the term ‘training’) that will enable a shift in performance of your project management teams.

Why ‘customisable’? Because we recognise clients have many diverse needs - every situation and challenge is unique and requires an intelligent approach.

Why ‘not training’? Because we firmly believe people learn new skills and behaviours through an active learning experience facilitated by senior project professionals who are able to adapt content and delivery according to their audience and share their personal Project Intelligence based on direct experience.

The new workshops include:

1. Intelligent Portfolio - enabling an integrated and cohesive portfolio of projects

Understand the key success factors when creating, developing and managing a portfolio of projects.  Addressing the relationship between those guiding the enterprise and those charged to deliver change. Identifying the key dependencies, confirming the necessary roles and responsibilities and the cohesive interactions required to ensure integrated investment decisions.

2. Intelligent Governance – ensuring precise governance for effective decision making

Addressing the relationship and interactions between those sponsoring a change programme and the programme (or project) management team.  Understanding the roles and the contributions essential to success.

3. Intelligent Controls – directing, managing, controlling and reporting

For those managing and those in technical leadership roles we create a common view of the concepts, tools and techniques for project control.  This includes duties, authorities, constraints, escalation and reporting requirements to manage progress, risk, change and successful delivery.

4. The Project Intelligence™ Foundation – doing the basics well (intelligently!)

Demonstrating core techniques and principles that must be applied with intelligence and precision to effectively manage change.  Includes core skills that establish goals, acceptance criteria, critical success factors, scope and performance standards, estimates and dependencies.

These additions to our Project Intelligence™ programme deliver pragmatic value and address key gaps in the traditional ‘training’ portfolio:

They comprise active-learning challenges and many insights into rescue methods

They work effectively alongside PRINCE2, MSP, APM, PMP and CMMi

They all focus on “Who does what for real?” and

Establish an action plan for effective transfer to the work-place.