Realising project intelligence

Energising project managers for delivery

“The facilitator inspired us to go back and redefine our projects; he acted as the voice of reason.  He invigorated the delegates and motivated us to think long and hard about how to run a project well.” John Walsh – Project Manager

It seems hard to believe but even our RPI workshop in November delivered a bright, sunny weekend and a highly enjoyable weekend.

“Overall fantastic – I did have my doubts in terms of ‘how good can it be’ however no doubt the most insightful, thought provoking and valuable ‘course’ I have been on – in the most pleasant company and environment.”

Barry Sacks – “One of only two courses in that I could not fault - relaxed, informal yet perfectly executed and professional.  Clearly a very very experienced practitioner yet not at all arrogant or talking at you.  I realised how much I may know but don’t use and how much I don’t know but wish to learn.  Who wouldn’t benefit!  If this is a ‘taster’ of the experience within Pelicam there is opportunity for further insight to be shared but Pelicam should charge more for the insight.”

Guy Lambert – “Very good trainer, clearly an expert in his field; and a good rapport with his victims.  Good fun!”

Brian O’Connor - “The course exercises were very, very tricky…!!  I came to the course without explicit objectives, other than to not make an arse of myself with my peers!  Fortunately it reminded me that I am actually half decent at what I do: so in that sense, it reinforced my belief in myself and therefore renews enthusiasm for the job.”

Mike Saunderson - “It is unusual to find a course where so much of the content is relevant to what I do and where so many learning points, hints and tips will make a direct impact on the way I work and the value I can add to clients.  It tackles the real issues facing delivery and provides great ways and tools to overcome. Fills the gaps left by methodologies.  A fantastic course!