The Apprentice - is he the right man for the job?

Hiring the right person in a key role is not easy. Some prefer the limelight of BBC television for their interviews……… others wait ‘in the wings’ for 10 years.

Does interviewing really work?   What has happened to the winners of Alan Sugar’s “Apprentice”?  

And does promoting a capable person mean they will be capable at another, different job?  Will Gordon Brown’s lead in the polls be maintained?

Our clients regularly challenge their supply partners to better qualify incoming project resources and to manage them more rigorously on an ongoing basis.  Pelicam has more strict eligibility and retention controls than any organisation of which we have direct or indirect knowledge.  As a bare minimum, Pelicam require 8 years intensive, progressive and demonstrable senior project management experience plus a proven and verifiable track record.  It confirms Pelicam as one of the most elite organisations to join, but for the very best and the highly motivated, this is a challenge to be welcomed.

Our eligibility criteria

Minimum requirements for our Practitioners:

1.     Eight or more years of intensive and progressive project management experience.

2.     Demonstrable experience and success at:

1.     Building structured relationships with stakeholders including customers, suppliers and internal staff.

2.     Translating customer requirements into formal agreements and plans.

3.     Ensuring the integrity of the assignment through structured project design and control framework, communication and demonstrable management.

4.     Actively applying project components to fit purpose (e.g. build the ‘plan for the plan’).

3.     In summary - trusted, reliable, does projects well, knows the theory and structured components, can build methods according to environment, manages self, manages client, manages team, manages job, committed to project success.

Practitioner entry criteria

In order to guarantee the quality of our resources we insist on the following entry criteria:

1.     Face to face interview to determine depth of project management understanding – hard and soft skills, project intelligence awareness.

2.     References from two trusted sources including one client.

3.     Demonstrated capability on Pelicam projects for at least 6 months duration (in one or more assignments).

4.     Successful completion of a two day (Realising Project Intelligence) workshop.

Practitioner performance criteria

On assignment our Practitioners will consistently:

1.     Shape and lead assignments such that the entire Pelicam team can best deliver value to the client.

2.     Identify and assess appropriate skills and resources for an assignment.

3.     Be seen to add value by the quality of advice and depth of expertise.

4.     Consistently demonstrate discipline and adherence to Pelicam policies, values and procedures.

As a consequence:

1.     Our “belt and braces” approach ensures the quality of our resources.

2.     These resources are motivated to deliver to our standards and incentivised to deliver project success to our clients.

3.     We hope and believe this model provides the “perfect partner” for clients who demand the best.


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