The Importance of People

Debra Revens – Managing Practitioner

It is a given that Pelicam practitioners bring extensive experience in programme and project methodologies.  However, our clients tell us that what makes us special is our expertise in how to manage change intelligently and sensitively within increasingly complex businesses and cultures.

Research shows that there are ten or eleven main reasons why change programmes fail.  These include failure to commit the right resource with the right expertise; management support; the “what’s in it for me” being unclear; poor communications and a low profile of the people issues.  In fact, the vast majority of the reasons why change programmes fail relate to people rather than process or technology issues.

If businesses were run by robots then introducing change would be easy. 
We could just reprogramme our robotic colleagues and cut to tracking business benefits!  However, most people don’t think like machines!

We have found that ongoing investment within the programme in understanding who and how individuals and groups will be impacted by the change (and their feelings about it) is key.  This understanding can drive decision making about key elements of how the programme is delivered in regard to governance, resourcing, investment in communications, training and risk.

Our change methodologies and tools have been created to help us to ensure that we manage programmes that reflect the importance of people and culture to programme success.  If you are interested in discussing change management methodologies and tools or taking part in one of our specialist breakfast briefings on the challenges of change then please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact Debra on 07977 496655.

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