About Pelicam

Pelicam strives to be the UK's leading project and programme assurance specialist, working within client teams to deliver successful business change. 

When you embark on major business transformation, it’s vital you assure ROI from the outset. Pelicam does this and acts as your trusted partner at all stages of any business change. By using our proven techniques and a complementary coaching programme we will ensure that your multi-million pound investment delivers success for you, your shareholders and your customers.  And because we are independent you can be confident of our dedication to the project in hand.


Pelicam wants to help from the beginning and to walk you through the project using our proven stage gate process.

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Pelicam Assured Delivery was founded by Peter Mayer in 1998 and has been ensuring project success for over 17 years.

We've grown our client base at 30% year-on-year, always balancing the growing demand for our services with our cardinal rule of maintaining the quality of our work.

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“Mature project managers with substantial service delivery competencies augmented the team and ensured the successful outcome of the project.”
— Andy Gill, Head of Project Services, AXA
“Pelicam provided real insight and intelligence in the review and worked with us to build an achievable improvement plan.”
— Sean Beard, Head of Prudential Testing Services