The Pelicam Assurance Method™

“Pelicam’s predictive model is one of the most comprehensive and rigorous I have seen in practical use.”
— ex-Deloitte Partner in Enterprise Risk Management

Predictive model - the science

  • The predictive model has 460-points, scoring across all aspects of project and programme to ensure granularity, coverage and consistency.
  • Its bottom-up approach provides accuracy, starting with the root causes before constructing the response strategies. It focuses on issues and risks critical to the success of the project, not the 35 things that aren’t meeting best practice.
  • It identifies and prioritises the remedies - we'll find one action that remedies a number of critical risks and prioritise that. The net result is a content rich, concentrated action-plan of what needs to be done to secure confidence levels in (up to) 10 weeks.
  • The predictive model is used in both health checks and audits; can be applied to any project, programme, methodology (agile, waterfall, traditional) or sector; and works alongside Prince2, MSP, APM, PMP and CMMi. 
  • We are now on version 9.0, having incorporated thinking and project management methodology from all industry best-practice models over the years.

Our approach - people centric

  • Our approach has always been client-sided, supportive and collaborative - the Pelicam Assurance Method™ was developed to ensure we could consistently repeat the process.  
  • Some interventions can be intrusive and disruptive, but our interview style is open, conversational and diplomatic - there are no prescribed questions. We earn trust by asking open questions and sharing our thinking - we never hide anything in a ‘secret’ report.  
  • The effect is immediate - individuals walk out of our meetings energised, seeing things differently and accepting new challenges. They’re more positive about getting things done, helping to build a common view and collective responsibility.
  • Our action-plans and project management methods are based on the attainable, not impossible. During the implementation stages, we coach as we go, embed ownership for delivery and integrate lessons learnt across teams.

“Pelicam offered an independent view of the programme and pointed out weaknesses that have been accepted and taken on board. Their style has been unobtrusive, the feedback has been extremely useful and they have identified gaps and loop holes that would not have been picked up on later.”
— Johnny McMahon, Director of Operations, Meteor
“The Pelicam Health Check was extremely thorough and insightful in exposing areas of the programme we may have otherwise missed. Consequently we were able to take corrective actions and adjustments to ensure a successful outcome.”
— John Fisher, Head of Solution Development, Metering, E.ON