Project Assurance

Research demonstrates that 30 years of initiatives to increase project success rates has not been working.  Despite significant investment in project and programme management systems, tools, processes and methods , project failure and associated costs remain alarmingly high.  That's where Pelicam can help.

How we can help:

How we do it:

  • Best in class experts identify the critical issues that ensure project and programme success.

  • We work client side to raise internal capability.

  • A pragmatic response to reshape and reset projects and programmes, trusted by our clients.

To understand more about our methods click on 'Pelicam's Project Intelligence TM Methods': the key to our success in delivering complex change programmes.

Pelicam Project Assurance

“Pelicam structured a complex technology programme to deliver successfully, ensuring effective governance and stakeholder alignment. Barclaycard staff were supported and coached, building confidence and raising our project delivery capability”
— Paul Wroten, Lead Technology Partner
“Pelicam enabled us to make some strategic decisions quickly and then guided us to build a framework that would ensure that we could deliver projects successfully into the future”
— Michael Anderson, Head of Strategic Programmes, Parcelforce Worldwide