"Pelicam enabled us to make some strategic decisions quickly and then guided us to build a framework that would ensure that we could deliver projects successfully into the future."

Michael Anderson, Head of Strategic Programmes, Parcelforce Worldwide. 

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"Mature project managers with substantial service delivery competencies augmented the team and ensured the successful outcome of the project."

Andy Gill, Head of Project Services - AXA Tech

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Pelicam Project Assurance:

enables successful, repeatable delivery

Impartial assessment, expert leadership, pragmatic coaching: hard and soft methods are not enough, clients need to understand the context, content and complexity - with appropriate levels of granularity and precision – to identify critical success factors. Maintaining an independent view, we focus on critical actions for success  and  build remedial action plans to manage risk, protect delivery and realise benefits. Pelicam Project Assurance work "client side" to assure the success of a project, programme or portfolio and raise internal capability.

Why we are in demand: over the last 30 years research has consistently demonstrated efforts to increase project success rates have not worked.   Despite significant investment in project and programme management systems, tools, processes and methods the level of project failures remains alarmingly high.  You may have a project which is too important to fail:  

  • You may need to increase the efficiency / reduce the cost of your project teams.
  • You may not have the skill sets to complete a complex project.
  • You may need to react faster to the market and exercise change accordingly.
  • You may have a portfolio of projects at risk.
  • You may not recognise the complexity of a programme of work.
  • You may be attempting delivery of a unique project for the first time.  

Our specialist areas include technology enabled business change, large scale integration, outsourced development capability, and high volume transaction systems.

Our key services: