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We analysed 150+ Pelicam assignments and identified Nine Serial Killers Avoid them & you will dramatically enhance your chance of success



#1 Not Mapping Dependencies

Don’t do it in your head - dependencies need to be displayed in a Gantt chart and shared, verified and communicated with your peers, suppliers, executives and customers. 




#2 Poor Stakeholder Engagement

Work with your sponsor, agree the approach, make it happen, monitor progress and revise plans accordingly. Be pro-active!




#3 Disjointed Planning

You’ve done your Gantt Chart, but do you understand and have confidence in your approach? Collectively eliminate risks and ambiguity. 




#4 Uncertain Quality Targets

Share and agree acceptable criteria with stakeholders - understand what is most important for the business.




#5 Risk, Issue and Change Management

Identify, assess and manage your risks at all levels, make each session relevant to the stakeholder. Don’t allow scope creep - your executives will applaud you. 




#6 Inconsistent Governance

The wrong people looking at the wrong information often make the wrong decisions. Reduce the number of meeting attendees, engage stakeholders and give them a truthful view of the challenges.




#7 Poor Work Package Management

Imprecise agreements on what is to be delivered and when, will kill a project. Report progress accurately, recognise and address slippage.




#8 No Business Case

Often ignored, the business case will need to be written and accepted. Ensure it is well articulated, justified, robust, SMART and updated.




#9 Compromised Testing

Demonstrate how solutions will be tested, resources planned and risks managed out, and earn significant kudos with executives.