The way we work


"Independent, collaborative, supportive"

  • We offer independent, objective assurance, giving clinical best advice without politics or spin, and a trusted view at a granular level.
  • There is no conflict of interest with us. Unlike some of the larger consultancies, we don’t want you to have to use us again; we aim to fix your problems for the long-term.
  • Our practitioners are experts; they understand the context, content and complexity with appropriate levels of granularity and precision.
  • We are supportive, not critical. We work within your teams to create energy and strength, asking what success looks like and how you can achieve it, so you can reach a solution quicker and without unnecessary headaches.
  • We are collaborative, sharing our intelligence and coaching as we go, so that you are not forever reliant on consultants.
  • We take a bottom up/pragmatic approach and use a predicative model, supplementing the traditional top-down consulting methods. We start by looking at the root causes, and then identify the remedies.
  • We are flexible and agile, allowing us to react to the situation and meet your needs according to the way you work, as well as the current demands of the organisation.
  • Our transferrable Pelicam Assurance Method can be applied to any project, programme, methodology (agile, waterfall, traditional), or industry sector.

“Intelligent, objective, flexible, professional, honest, rigorous, perceptive, energising, thoughtful...”
— How our clients describe us